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Decks and Patios

There are plenty of ways to bring personality to any deck or patio. Start by noting how large your deck or patio is, deciding what you want to fill the space with and thinking about the aesthetic you're trying to create.

Nature - Use nature to give your space color and life

Decks and patios, though outside, are an extension of your home. They work wonderfully as space for guests or for a party---and because they're partially or completely outdoors, it's nice to bring an element of nature to them. Place tall, leafy plants around the corners of your deck or patio. Putting them in the corners gives guests a sense of nature, since the tall plants will be surrounding them at the edges. Not only does this help to fill a sparse deck or patio, it can add some color and life.

Theme - Decide on a theme to help you decorate

Choose a theme for your space. This will help you decide on what to purchase and inspire you to bring pieces to the deck or patio that are balanced and consistent. For instance, go with a Mediterranean-styled theme and bring in certain colors and items. Mediterranean colors range from burnt oranges to deep golds, while tall white candles give the space a natural glow. For a beach theme, for example, purchase blue candles and some sprinkle some shells around the area.

Furniture - Choose useful but aesthetically appropriate pieces for your deck

Carefully choose appropriate furniture. If you have space for a table and a few chairs, bring in some pieces that match your theme. For instance, if you have a country-inspired patio or deck, invest in a few rocking chairs or wicker chairs. However, with a Mediterranean theme, you may want to invest in wrought-iron chairs or fancy benches. Decorate your table with candles and plants, bringing the furniture to life.

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