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  • Usually our customers don't know how their yard should be drained. A plan will be formulated.
  • If the customer is ready to do the work now, a free consultation and offer will be made.
  • If a drainage system already exists that is not working properly, we may be hired hourly to provide information as to where the existing system is clogged. Usually periodic clean-outs will need to be installed to find the problems and a drain cleaning machine used.
  • If in the City of Houston our drainage license will be used to pull permits as required.

When someone's yard does not drain well, and often that is the back yard or patio, they usually do not end up with just one drain box but instead a landscape drainage system. Typically residential drainage is done with 4" sewer & drain pipe underground that attaches on one end to 12" drain boxes and the downhill end usually terminates with a curb breakout or a large 4" pop-up drain. As a drainage contractor, Habitats also will usually tie in the gutter downspouts to this system for optimum results. We use a builder's level to measure the grade of the entire job and every piece of 10' pipe installed. Our builder's auto level is accurate plus or minus 1 millimeter per kilometer. Over the years I have watched many companies guess at the slope on the pipe and also guess at the amount of overall drop of the grade of the property. Before we leave we will put a water hose in all the drain boxes so the customer can see the system performing. We also install French drains and pump assisted drainage systems for very difficult yards with problems. Don't wait until your home floods. We have seen a lot of flooding here in the Houston area.

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Start of Trenching

Install First Drain Box

Test Drain With Water

Neat Curb Breakout

Drain Pipe Installation on Side of Home

Cover Up Trenches

Re-grass Trenches

Finished Front Yard

Finished Back Yard

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