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Fall SeasonHabitats By Harper

Fall SeasonFall Planting & Landscaping Tips

As the summer heat fades, plant second crops of spinach, lettuce and other short-season vegetables to extend your vegetable garden's productivity. Collect seeds as seed pods dry on daylilies, lilies and other perennials and annuals like marigolds and zinnias. As annuals begin to fade, add new perennials in August and early September. Propagate peonies and daylilies in late August. Biennials like foxglove, hollyhock and Sweet William planted in fall may bloom next year. Take cuttings of tender perennials like geraniums and annuals like coleus to start over the winter for new plants in spring. Fall is also the time to plant potted and balled trees and shrubs. Plant lilies and spring-flowering bulbs in September and October to let them get acclimated to their new homes before the ground freezes. Once the cold winds of late autumn begin to blow, it's time to clean out the garden and lay down winter mulch.

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  • Fertilize your lawn! September is the ideal time for your fall fertilization and fall weed pre-emergent application.

  • Plant your fall color. Plant your fall color such as petunias marigolds, dianthus and zinnias in September for lovely color throughout the fall.

  • Plan your spring bulb beds. Many stores begin getting their annual spring bulbs in mid-September.

  • Be ready when they arrive to chill them yourself or have NHG chill them for you until it's time to plant later in the year.


  • If you didn't fertilize in September, go ahead and winterize your lawn with a slow-release fertilizer or organic compost.

  • Add compost and mulch to all flower and planting beds to prepare for winter.

  • Purchase frost cloth to have on-hand for any unexpected cold snaps. Being prepared for any type of weather in Texas is always a good thing!


  • It's bulb planting time! Plant your tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths now for beautiful spring time borders and beds.

  • Make sure to ask your nursery if the bulbs are pre-chilled, or allow for time to chill them yourself before planting.

  • Plant wildflower seeds--it's your last chance before spring.

  • Remember to spread birdseed throughout the winter months.

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