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Fantastic Sale Through Thu. 10-29-20 Only. Design and Planning Work that Usually Costs Hundreds of Dollars Is Now On Sale!

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  • The owner Pat Harper has a Bachelor's Degree from the University of North Texas in plant biology.
  • Our landscape company has proudly been serving the greater Houston area for over 34 years.
  • We design and install Landscapes, Irrigation, Patio Covers and Decks, Fountains, Kitchens, Lighting, and Drainage systems.
  • Our landscapes often include stack stone borders, stone pathways, large boulders, pool landscaping as well as
    always including the artistic designs you expect from a professional.
  • Our unique and creative Styles include Formal, Contemporary, Asian/Oriental, Southwestern, English, and Tropical.
  • Most landscaping work can be completed in one or two days with large crews.
  • Site Designs:
    • 1 - Build the landscape beds.
    • 2 - Stage the plants on the beds so you can actually see the job.
    • 3 - Plant and mulch.
  • Is that easy enough?

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Welcome to the landscape design and installation company of Habitats by Harper. Pat Harper, the owner, has a Bachelor`s Degree in Plant Biology from the University of North Texas. We hold State of Texas Agricultural and Irrigation Licenses. Habitats by Harper has proudly been serving the Greater Houston area for over 34 years. We also design and install Landscaping, Irrigation, western red cedar Patio Covers, flagstone Patios, wooden and composite Decks, Spas, Fountains, Kitchens, Lighting, and Drainage. It is always nice to find a designer/installer that can "do it all". This of course saves time and money.

The truth of the matter is, in our opinion, that landscape designers like us are usually more creative than landscape architects because we are designing out in the field rather than sitting in an office like a landscape architect. Landscape architects professionally put these ideas on paper. Most standard landscape companies are not real designers. These companies do not have the knowhow to plan ahead and make all these services work together.

Habitats by Harper is as good as any company in the industry with high quality services, high experience, and professional results. Now days professional landscape contractors like us are hard to find and it is difficult to reach a real expert landscape designer by phone. We are not the cheapest nor are we expensive. You get your monies worth from us. Every dollar you spend with us makes a huge difference in the way your job looks. We start and finish our jobs on time. Usually we focus on high end residential properties and are used to that type of customer. Our landscapes often include hardscape such as stack stone borders, stone pathways, and large boulders as well as all the other services mentioned above. Our styles include Formal, Contemporary, Asian/Oriental, Southwestern, English, and Tropical. Most work can be completed in one or two days with large crews.

As of this year we have started a new method of achieving your landscape goals. In the past we had a design fee on every job. If the job was purchased then the fee was deducted from the sale price. Quite frankly all the customers hated paying for a design up front. Now we have a fixed hourly fee to build the flower beds based on cost per man hour. This cost is given up front. If the customer wants they can stop after the beds are built and finish on their own. Next we do an "Onsite Staging Design" or "Site Design" and actually bring high quality plant stock from the original grower and place or stage the plants in the beds. The customer then can actually see what the landscape really looks like. The customer may move these plants as they wish before they are planted. What a great idea! At that time you may keep the plants and have us plant and warranty them. You cannot beat that! Finally we mulch the entire job, add our chemicals, and do clean up. Since we have switched to this style of sale our business has increased. Thanks for the opportunity to serve you. If you qualify we will come out for your free consultation.

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3 Stack Border with Annual Color

3 Stack Border with Bull Rock



Border with Anchor Boulders

Island with Anchor Boulders

Flower Beds Along Driveway

Perennial Color

Neat Clean Look

Artistic Curves on Beds

Border with Anchor Boulders

Clay Pots

Clay Pots

Clay Pots

Creative Designs

Annual Color

Stack Stone Borders

Rock Edging For Trees

Grasses and Native Texas Plants

5 Stack Border

Bull Rock & Junipers

Beautiful Islands

Kidney Bean Beds

Kidney Bean Beds


Back Yards
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