Deck and Patio Ideas
Posted by Pat Harper on August 22 2012 13:33:49

Deck and patio design ideas run the gamut from simple and minimalist to luxurious and extravagant displays of lighting, sculpture, full surround-sound stereo entertainment, mosaic tile, custom hot tubs and professionally designed wooden decks. Keep the year-round climate and weather changes in mind and incorporate them into your deck and patio design to maximize the time you can spend enjoying them. If you have mosquito or fly problems, consider screening in the deck and patio area to enjoy fresh air free from bugs.

Gazebo Deck and Open Patio

Add a gazebo to your deck plans to add shelter and shade. Gazebos contribute a more private and secure feel while still giving the benefit of fresh air in the outdoors. They provide shade on sunny days and shelter on rainy afternoons. Retreat to a screened-in gazebo when the flies and mosquitoes start to invade your personal space. Put a certified propane heater in the center of the gazebo for extra warmth at night and during cooler fall and winter months to extend your patio and deck usage time. Include an uncovered seating area on a tile patio for summer months or times when you don't need shade or protection from insect invasions. Consider adding a grill and small outdoor oven to spend mealtimes in your backyard.

Hot Tub Deck and Fireplace Patio

Place a hot tub in a location with no tree branches or plants above it to drop leaves and debris into the water. Surround the hot tub with a wooden deck stained the color of your choice. Add elegant lighting with dimmer switches along the handrails and walkways of the deck and along the edges of the hot tub platform. Build a small cold water shower are next to the hot tub to get the health benefits of hydrotherapy by alternating between immersion in hot and cold water. Include a tile, granite or quartz patio with an outdoor wood stove or fireplace to warm up after getting out of the water.

Rainwater Collection Brick Patio

Build a beautiful brick patio with bricks in the color and style of your choice and include design elements that make the patio serve as a rainwater catchment device. The Brick Patio blog describes one designer's plans and construction of a large brick patio that collects and stores 200 gallons of rainwater for use in gardening, watering lawns and washing cars. Combining limestone, PVC piping and four 50-gallon barrels, the website suggests creating a gutter, bucket and pipe system to drain water from the surface of the brick deck into the catchment barrels. Include a plumbing and pump system to access the water once you have collected it. Include overflow gutters and spillways for when the buckets get full.