Pedestal Planters
Posted by Pat Harper on September 20 2012 08:47:23

A pedestal means a support or foundation, or an architectural support or base. In gardening terms it usually refers to an elevated structure, so a pedestal planter is usually tall, and the base is a column, although there are countless varieties. With pedestal planters, it is possible to add some really interesting design features both inside and out, and to create height in some areas of either rooms or garden which will add diversity to the layout. Pedestal planters are also great for showing off trailing plants and evergreens such as ivy and ferns that otherwise may be lost amongst the flowering plants and shrubs of your garden.

Types Of Pedestal Planters

There are planters for both your garden and your house, choosing the right planter can make a significant difference to the design of both your indoor and outdoor spaces. Outdoor pedestal planters clearly need to be weather proof and positioned where their design can be seen and appreciated. Good materials for your outdoor planters are terracotta, stainless steel, which has been coated and treated, and cast iron, a material that has been used for decades of garden design. Some pedestal planters come in two parts, a separate pedestal and the planter which can be bowl shaped or in an urn design. Indoor pedestal planters can be in a greater variety of materials as they do not need to be weatherproof. A fashion currently is for very sleek, modern stainless steel planters, usually rectangular and in varying heights. Outdoor pedestal planters tend to follow a more classic design, a Greek urn, for example, and are often made from a faux stone effect material which gives the illusion of age.

Design Ideas For Pedestal Planters

Choose your indoor planters to match the theme of your rooms. Evergreen plants such as ivy look great trailing down a column planter, especially if you choose the variegated varieties. A very effective way to use the simple designs is to group three pedestal planters together, varying heights and then use a theme with the plants, for example, choosing three varieties of fern works well with this arrangement. Your outdoor pedestal planters can be used to great effect on the patio, but are also useful for those forgotten corners of the garden, providing a delightful surprise and filling gaps where there are no flowerbeds. With outdoor planters, you can draw the eye to certain parts of the garden and add color all year round with bulbs and annuals. Pedestal planters can be used in myriad ways; the only limit to their use is your imagination.