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Spring SeasonHabitats By Harper

Spring SeasonSpring Planting & Landscaping Tips

Spring is a time of new beginnings. In late February, start vegetable, annual and perennial seeds indoors as many weeks before the last annual frost date as directed on the seed packet. Keep seedlings in a sunny window, under grow lights or move to a cold frame beginning in March. Plant bare-root roses, shrubs and trees as early as possible while the plants are still dormant---even while frost is still in the ground. As the frost date nears, use sunny days to plant root crops like onions, potatoes, carrots and beets as well as legumes (beans and peas) in the vegetable garden. Start lettuce, cabbage and other leafy greens in a cold frame. Biennials, like hollyhocks, planted now will not bloom until next season.

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  • PLANT, PLANT, PLANT! Right now is our absolute favorite time for planting! It's time for:

  • Warm-season flowers such as hibiscus, purple fountain grass, pentas, firebush, daisies, lantana, zinnias, portulaca, begonias, and marigolds

  • Warm-season crops such as tomatoes, melons, squash, okra, beans, cucumbers, eggplant and peppers (but be sure to cover in the case of a late season frost)

  • Trim spent azaleas, flowering quince, and other spring bloomers.


  • The Monarch butterflies are migrating through now! Give them a place to land and a bite to eat by planting red, yellow, orange, pink or purple flowering plants such as zinnias, marigolds, buddleia, milkweed, and verbena.

  • Though it's not quite the busiest time for hummingbirds, you might catch a couple swinging by if you know how to attract them!

  • Hummingbirds look for red flowering plants, so you can plant Autumn Sage, Trumpet Vine, or Turk's Cap.

  • Even though the multi-colored hummingbird feeders are really neat for us to look at, a plain red feeder or clear feeder with red nectar will attract many more hummingbirds to your yard.

  • Plant summer/fall perennials such as cannas, gladiolus, mums and asters.


  • Plant Nasturtiums in pots and place in your garden. The benefits are threefold: they trap aphids, provide extra visual interest and you can top a salad or garnish a plate with the flower--it's edible!

  • Grow millet grass in pots and place under tomato plants to attract stink bugs and other leaf-footed pests.

  • Stink bugs can destroy the tomato fruit, but prefer millet, so by making it available to them you can protect your tomatoes.

  • Take-All Root Rot and Brown Spot can be real threats to a healthy, green lawn, but its slow release and weed suppression properties make corn gluten an invaluable aid against them!

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