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Winter SeasonHabitats By Harper

Winter SeasonWinter Planting & Landscaping Tips


  • Apply 1/2 inch of organic compost over any turf areas that performed poorly over the past year.

  • Fertilize houseplants with organic compost or coffee grounds.

  • Put all spent plants and annuals in your compost pile...saves room at the landfill and by springtime, you'll have a ready-made fertilizer for free!


  • It's time to plant Potatoes and Onions! If you haven't already, turn the soil, add organic compost and otherwise prepare your vegetable garden.

  • From mid-January to mid-February you can also go ahead and get your Potato Slips and Onions in the ground.

  • Plant or transplant permanent trees and plants. Growth is at its slowest now, so plants will have time to establish a vigorous root system before the summer heat hits.

  • Plant Asparagus, Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Carrots, Celery, and other cold tolerant vegetables for spring harvest.


  • Finish any major pruning now. Make sure all fruit trees are pruned before bud break.

  • Prepare vegetable and flower beds for spring. Work organic matter into the soil to increase microbial activity.

  • Begin looking for the perfect place in your yard for your Purple Martin house. Scouts will be here soon to look for housing!

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